Visit our Registration page to register with this site. It is simple to register and it does not place you under any obligation to become a paying member.

You can become a member of PBSGL by either joining an existing group, or by setting up your own group.

How do I join a PBSGL Group?

Most group members join their group through 'word of mouth'.  Most GP communities are aware of the PBSGL groups within their area, and will arrange to join a group directly, via the facilitator, when a space is available.  Additionally, some groups form when a recently-trained facilitator sends out an advert looking for new members.

If you are not aware of groups within your area, you will be soon be able to search for local groups on this website.

If there are not any active groups with spaces in your area, or you're keen to get involved with PBSGL quickly, you could set up your own group.  It's quite easy - all you need to do is find a couple of interested colleagues, and attend the one day training course - Please Contact Us for more information on training dates.

How do groups choose members?

Groups come together in different ways - sometimes there are a lot of people wanting to join, and the facilitator might have to decide by random selection. Often the news of PBSGL spreads by word of mouth or e-mail and groups form in that way.

PBSGL membership fees

To be a member of the PBSGL programme there is an annual subscription fee of £120.00 which is payable in advance. This membership fee covers module production, training of group facilitators, and admin support.

Approximately 14 modules are produced each year. It is a principle of the programme that these educational materials are produced by working GPs and Practice Nurses. This process takes around 6 months and costs up to £10,000 per module, which demonstrates the care taken to produce such high quality materials. The gradual rise in the number of UK-based modules is in response to requests from Scottish PBSGL groups as initially these modules were designed using guideline information from SIGN and NICE.

For most group members PBSGL forms a large chunk (often the majority) of their CPD activities.