About Us

PBSGL is a not for profit organisation that is based at Southampton GP Education Unit in Southampton which is part of Health Education Wessex.

PBSGL Project Lead - Dr Jonathan Rial

Jonathan is a GP Educationalist working in Hampshire. His roles include Associate Dean for ARCP (Wessex), Programme Director of GP Education (Southampton), RCGP External Advisor, GP Locum. Jonathan has been working with the Scottish PBSGL team since 2010 and developing PBSGL in England. Jonathan performed a research project setting up two groups of NQGPs and later published a paper on PBSGL as well as presenting at international conferences. Jonathan is leading the development of PBSGL in England as well as training facilitators.


This website is developed and run by FourteenFish. FourteenFish develop web applications for health professionals and organisations.

The FourteenFish website contains a full Appraisal Toolkit and a free Learning Diary. Registered users of the PBSGL website can easily link their learning from here to the Learning Diary on FourteenFish.